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Substitute Goalie Request/Approval Form

Substitute Goalie/Request Approval Form


In the event a rostered goalie(s) is not able to participate in a scrimmage, league, invitation tournament or District Tournament game, a substitute goalie may play in place of the rostered goalie provided:

  • The substitute goalie is not from a higher classification team (division or level)
  • The substitute goalie is acquired first from within the local association and second from teams within the district or league.
  • The substitute goalie must wear the jersey from his/her home team.
  • The substitute goalie must abide by the player rest rules as stated in Youth Rules, Section VIII, Paragraph J.
  • Substituting does not interfere with activities from his/her original team.
  • Substitute goalie may play ONLY if rostered goalies are not able to play.
  • Must have the approval of the District Director (both Directors if more than one District is involved) on the Substitute Goalie form.

Note: Regional and State Tournament play are covered under the Youth Rules, Section VI, Paragraph C.

This form is not intended for and excludes the Squirt, Girls 10-U, Girls 8-U and Mite Leagues.

Is permitted to participate as a substitute goalie, per policy stated above, for the